Managed Endpoint Detection And Response

Endpoint Detection and Respond Service

Building your own SOC and hiring security analysts can be extremely expensive and challenging. Flexis Endpoint Detection and Respond service provides MSPs a complete security service for their small to medium customer environments. Our SOC monitors SMB endpoints 24x7, detects malicious threats and delivers threat protection, remediation and incident response.

Flexis Endpoint Detection and Respond Service protects against a wide array of threat vectors to prevent attacks in real time. We use best of breed tools to help devices defend themselves and Flexis security analysts monitor, identify, analyzes quarantined files and remediate issues to ensure endpoints are secure.

Flexis Endpoint Detection and Respond (EDR) service is also integrated with our SIEM tool to enable SOC to provide an end to end security solution for your small and medium business customers.

The Flexis team works proactively, leveraging advanced threat intelligence technologies and our experienced team of cybersecurity engineers. We leverage next-gen endpoint protection solutions to provide continuous breach protection. Our security analysts provide constant prevention, detection, visibility, and intelligence along with threat hunting and then take any necessary remediation action such as isolating endpoints from the network and terminating any unknown/unsafe processes.

Features Respond Manage

Alert Triage & Validation

24X7 Managed Detection and Incident Response

Immediate Risk Identification, Mitigation & Containment

Actionable recommendations & security event prioritization

Endpoint Secuirty Configuration and Implementation


Endpoint Policy Tuning and Exclusions


Effective & Rapid Remediation


Thwart Malicious Activity


Threat Hunting



  • Accelerated time to detection and response
  • Post Detection Forensics and Threat Hunting by experts
  • Augment your security Team
  • Reduce false positives and ensure comprehensive protection
  • Always available threat coverage regardless of where endpoints are deployed (office, home, airport, cafĂ©, hotel, etc.)

How it works

  • Endpoint Security agent is installed on workstations and servers to collect and send information about persistence mechanisms to the Flexis SIEM.
  • Data is analyzed by our automated engines and correlation rules to highlight new or unknown persistence mechanisms.
  • Our SOC team hunts through new and unseen persistence mechanisms to investigate and confirm the presence of malicious footholds.
  • Once a threat is discovered, it is escalated with actionable recommendations or a quick remediation action is taken
  • A custom incident report is delivered outlining details of the threat and remediation action taken

EndPoint Security Solutions Supported

SentinelOne, Cylance, Crowdstrike, Sophos and Webroot