24/7 Backup & Data Monitoring

Protect your data with our rapid restoration and backup service. Manage your important and critical repetitive backup tasks with our team. Ensure high uptimes with our 24x7 team.

Proactive & Flexible Data Protection

Be protected and prepared from losing large amounts of your data for your business. Our services are extremely flexible and support MSPs, VARs, infrastructure service providers, and cloud environments. Gain a peace of mind by having our team work quickly to resolve issues before they become problems.

Flexis Managed Storage Support and Administrative Tasks:

  • Monitor Data Protection Technology – Ensure your entire environment is protected
  • Restore Testing and Validation – Restoration test on application, data, and databases to make sure everything is operational
  • Support Rapid Recovery and Business Continuity – Leverage technology to provide continued availability of all the affected applications, databases and services in the event of a key system failure
  • Provide a Customized Best Practiced Restoration Data Protection Policy – Meet organization’s RTO/RPO targets, including data retention and archive policies
  • Automate Reporting – Document overall performance of the data protection service
  • Suggest Improvements or Corrections – Identify needs to maintain the RTO/RPO targets

Flexis Managed Storage Key Benefits:

outine Data Protection

Routine Data Protection

Have us deliver predictable performance for routine data protection tasks

24x7 Monitoring and Support

24x7 Monitoring and Support

Establish proactive 24x7 monitoring and support for rapid recovery

Uptime and Customer Satisfaction

Guaranteed Uptime and Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer uptime, satisfaction & retention with our team

Leverage Your Tools

Leverage Your Tools

Protect your investment by working with the existing monitoring tools you are already using and we can adapt to changing requirements as your needs evolve