Dedicated Resource for Increasing Value for your Business

Define your own requirements and pick your own team from our dedicated experts to meet your growing needs.

Deliver Results with our Team of Dedicated Engineers

Mix and match resources in your Agile Pod. Obtain as much flexibility as you need. Manage the team according to your process and your technical and operational requirements.

The Key Benefits of Building Your Own Flexis Agile Pod



Add in and out resources as your requirements change over time. Ease the burden and pressure on staffing and keep up with ever changing customer requirements with our team. Rapidly adapt to new tools and process requirements by customizing the resources in your Agile Pod, so that you can aggressively pursue new services opportunities with the peace of mind that you can rapidly build and deploy an optimal team.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise with Diverse Skill Sets

Choose from a pool of engineers that have the technical expertise necessary for your business. Define the requirements and decide on the skill sets and level of your engineer.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Treat your dedicated team functions like your internal employees. Assign your dedicated resources day to day tasks. Communicate with them via phone, video conferencing, email, and instant messaging. Have the ability to move from one project to another based on your business needs.

White Labelled Service

White Labelled Service

Support your Managed Services branding by providing a transparent extension to your service. Handle your client communications completely under your company brand with us.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Flexis Agile Pod’s are extremely cost effective. Typically, an Agile Pod will cost one-quarter as much as an internal team and will deliver far more flexibility with less management overhead. The time to value is literally days rather than months if you had to build all the skills internally.

Leverage Your Tools

Leverage Your Tools

Protect your investment by working with the existing monitoring tools you are already using and we can adapt to changing requirements as your needs evolve.

Remote Monitoring Tools

  • Kaseya, N-able, LabTech, Max, Nagios, Solarwinds, and Monitis

Ticketing System

  • Connectwise, Autotask, Zendesk or any other ticketing system you use