Connectwise Automate (Labtech) Optimization and Configuration Services for MSPs

Do you need to maximize the effectiveness and utility of your Connectwise Automate (Labtech) tool but simply don’t have the time or expertise? Flexis can help by simply doing it for you.

Our Connectwise Automate (Labtech) Tool Optimization and Configuration Service Includes our best-practices based monitoring sets, customized thresholds, templates, processes and implementation!

Connectwise Automate (Labtech) Consulting and Implementation

Flexis has deployed hundreds of Connectwise Automate (Labtech) platforms in MSP environments. We know how to deploy and configure your Connectwise Automate (Labtech) leveraging best practices and to ensure you have the most flexible and efficient implementation for your business. This will allow you to maximize your technicians’ productivity by making use of powerful features that will dramatically reduce your costs. The end result is that you will be able to deliver more services in less time.

Our Process and Deliverables

  • Connectwise Automate (Labtech) Consulting by certified Connectwise Automate (Labtech) Consultants
  • Agents Installation: We install agents to your client network endpoints
  • Audit: We audit your existing Connectwise Automate (Labtech) tool implementation and determine how you can better align the product’s functionality with your services.
  • Tuning: We tune your Connectwise Automate (Labtech) platform for performance and reliability; incorporate best practice methodologies to help you maximize your ROI from the product.
  • Monitoring Templates and Alert Configuration: Then we apply customized monitoring templates with pre-defined and tested thresholds and polling frequency
  • Misconfigured Services: We Review Misconfigured Monitoring Services and reconfigure them as appropriate
  • Scripting and Task Automation: We will script and automate repetitive maintenance tasks to help you maximize your technician utilization.
  • Outsourced Connectwise Automate (Labtech) Support & Management
  • Connectwise Automate (Labtech) NOC Services: We provide 24/7 NOC services to support your managed devices leveraging your Connectwise Automate (Labtech)